R.I.B.S.: ribs, ribs, ribs!

Mmm, ribs! This is what I told myself when I heard about R.I.B.S. I went there on a weekend, after I've read from friends only good things about it. It opened last year in the Old City, right next to Lacrimi și Sfinți (Tears and Saints), at the ground floor of a hotel. I wonder how I never noticed it until then, because the place is very light and full of life. Anyway, it's pretty hard to keep up with the Old City, new eateries keep appearing overnight.


Schedule: 12 PM - 12 PM

Menu: here

Prices: €€

Recommendation: None

Address: Sepcari 12-14

Phone: 0770 664 456

The moment we entered the door - together with Vlad this time again - we were welcomed by very friendly employees, which immediately found us a table. After deciding what we wanted to order, we had time to analyze the place. I was amused by a wall of seemingly full bottles of wine, which were in fact empty. I touched them.

I negotiated with Vlad so he gets the Bbq Ribs (39 lei ) and I, the Ribs Burger (34 lei). Food came pretty fast, it smelled delicious, everything began well. Both dishes came with pickled cabbage with mayonnaise. In the menu it was written as pickled cabbage, mayonnaise, kimchi. As far as I know, kimchi is a spicy type of pickled cabbage. So I didn't really get that. I took a bite and I only felt the salt. But so much salt! Good thing I ordered water. But the cabbage wasn't spicy at all. Then I had a bite from the chips, which were also salty. Surprise! It was like a blanket of salt on top, and underneath there was none. I mixed them well, but then it was like a game of roulette.


"Food came fast, it smelled delicious, everything began well."


I don't know why I kept eating. I should've returned the food from the start. I think I was too hungry. I kept tasting it, to convince myself, but I did have a few bites.

What's more interesting is that what was on my plate wasn't exactly what was written in the menu. It seemed like they improvise occasionally. For example, instead of parsley there was dill, the chips also came with some cheese on top, and the green onions were completely missing from my dish. It didn't exactly bother me, but I usually expect to get what's written in the menu.


"What's more interesting is that what was on my plate wasn't exactly what was written in the menu. It seemed like they improvise occasionally."


The idea of a ribs burger was interesting. There were small pieces of meat from ribs fried in tempura, they say. It was the only good thing on my plate. I also tasted the bbq ribs. The meat was very tender, I liked that. But then another fail: the meat wasn't salty at all. Also not flavored. Meaning that the taste of the meat, ignoring the layer of bbq sauce on top, wasn't anything special. It seemed like the meat wasn't really marinated for a few hours, so that the flavors can mix together.


"I believe that good food shouldn't be based on luck." 

In the end I told the employees that the food is a little too salty. They apologized really politely. One of them went into the kitchen and tasted the cabbage and said that it's indeed very salty. But he never offered a discount or anything else.

Otherwise, we have lucky friends, who said that they ate there and it was good. Even in the same day. But I think that good food shouldn't be based on luck. I like eateries that are constantly good. What's more, if you don't strive in the beginning to offer a good product, then when? What a shame.

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