MÀ BISTRO: short menu with huge potential

MÀ BISTRO: short menu with huge potential

This morning, Alina, my friend who’s also into new restaurants, told me about MÀ Bistro. She was saying it’s a very nice place, but also that she didn’t get a chance to taste the food yet. I did some quick online research, took a look at the menu and found the MÀ sandwich - duck confit, slowly cooked for 16 hours!!! Well, what you need to know about me is that I cannot resist a good duck confit! This sandwich seemed delicious both from the description and from the picture, so I decided to pay MÀ Bistro a visit the very same day. 


Schedule: 9:00 AM - 9:00 PM

Menu: here

Prices: €€

Recommendation: Mà Sandwich?

Address: Constantin Aricescu 50A

Phone: Unavailable

The bistro is a very small place, very friendly. As soon as we walked in the door, we were greeted by a nice, shy waiter, who offered to take our coats. They didn’t have an actual coat hanger, but a hidden coat closet, which helped keep the space more minimalistic, less cluttered.

They also have an open kitchen, so you can see the chef in action. But, you know, while it’s very interesting to see how he’s preparing your meal, this joy kind of goes away when you get home and realize you still smell very… appetizing. :) So, avoid this place if you just washed your hair, if you know what I mean.


"Yes, it’s very interesting to see the chef preparing your meal, but this joy kind of goes away when you get home and realize you still smell very… appetizing."


When we got to ordering, the big disappointment was that they had run out of the exact sandwich I had come there to get! Having to choose something else, I decided to get its veggie brother, with halloumi, eggplant, baked peppers with garlic, arugula and focaccia. It was 32 lei. Vlad, on the other hand, decided to order something that made me feel jealous instantly. What I want to mention here is that Vlad’s not picky at all when it comes to food. I realized that when I had a total failure in the kitchen and he still ate everything! Anyway, this wasn’t the case here, he chose much better than me: pork chops with romesco sauce and caramelized carrots – to die for! (40 lei) All elements in his plate fit together in a perfect way. He told me to have a taste, and I felt like I had taken a bite of sheer perfection. I was happy for Vlad, but, sadly, my sandwich just fueled my initial disappointment. The content was not bad, but the focaccia was crumbling and it was also much too thick. I couldn’t finish the whole thing. I told the waiter my opinion on the focaccia and I thought he took the feedback well.


“Pork chops with romesco sauce and caramlized carrots - to die for!”


Bonus points for the filtered water on the house. I wish this were a standard in all the places I go to. All in all it hasn't met my expectations. Especially since it's a pricey place, so my expectations were already high. But it seems promising.  


“Bonus points for the filtered water on the house.”


I’ll give them a bit more time and come back with another review when I have another chance to visit them and actually get the famous sandwich.

pork chops

veggie sandwich