harsh restaurant reviews

Hey, I’d be curious too to find out who says if the food is good or not.


This is how this blog came to life. Lately, I couldn’t find a site that satisfied my need of reading restaurant reviews. At some point I was following a site, that has had no new posts. But when I was following it, I was asking myself in the back of my mind “But why do I believe this guy who wrote here? I don’t even know his name.” So I’ve decided to make a blog with my own personal reviews, a good opportunity to also introduce you to my friends, cause I rarely eat alone.

I chose unimpressed celia because my friends joke about it, when we go to restaurants. And because I have an unimpressed face, of course. Fun fact: I’ve always been compared to cartoon characters, like Daria (MTV) or Tina (Bob’s Burgers), never a living person. But I chose unimpressed because I consider myself a pretentious gourmand. And because I also eat on holidays, I’m going to also write about the restaurants I run into abroad. I’m working on 2 other blog sections, but I hope what you can find now is useful for the moment.

Suggestion box: celia@unimpressedcelia.com